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For many children, going to the dentist can be a stressful experience. When a child is particularly anxious, uncooperative, or active, this can make receiving safe, effective dental care virtually impossible. In these circumstances, sedation dentistry at Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry can be used to relieve a child’s dental anxiety and help them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their appointment. Here’s what you need to know about how pediatric sedation dentistry could benefit your child before scheduling their next check-up with Dr. Roshan.

Overview of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a group of advanced techniques used in pediatric dentistry to help manage children’s anxiety in a dental setting. Children’s sedation dentistry is a continuum of mild to moderate to deep sedation and general anesthesia. When a child is extremely nervous about going to the dentist and therefore cannot cooperate in order to receive appropriate dental care, sedation can be a practical option for the safe and effective delivery of the pediatric dental services they need.

Childrens Sedation Dentistry in New Caney, TX

What Are the Different Types of Sedation Dentistry?

At Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we offer all levels of sedation techniques, including mild level of sedation with the nitrous oxide or laughing gas inhalation to moderate or oral conscious sedation to deep IV sedation and general anesthesia. After your initial consultation, Dr. Roshan will recommend the best type of sedation dentistry for your child based on their specific needs.

How to Prepare Your Child for Sedation

Taking steps to prepare your child for sedation dentistry will help ensure that their treatment goes as smoothly as possible, including:


  • Be aware of any necessary fasting prior to their sedation. For instance, if your child is scheduled for general anesthesia, they should avoid eating solid food and non-clear liquids after midnight the night before their procedure.
  • Bring a comfort item with them to their appointment.
  • Ask Dr. Roshan if there are any additional steps to be taken at home, such as avoiding certain medications.

Is Sedation Dentistry Painful?

It’s important to note that sedation is used to relieve anxiety and the purpose is not to control pain. However, pain management is usually more effective when the child’s anxiety is well-controlled. Therefore, pain control techniques work better and the discomfort associated with administration of local anesthesia is minimum. Additionally, many of the sedation medications and techniques provide some pain-reducing effect. This provides better pain control, specially for more invasive procedures, such as dental extractions. Depending on the technique being used and the level of sedation achieved, the patient may feel floating, drowsy, and relaxed in mild and moderate sedation or complete sleep in general anesthesia.

How Long Does Dental Sedation Last?

The length of time sedation lasts will depend on the type of medication and technique used. It can vary from a few minutes in inhalation sedation to one hour in oral conscious sedation with some medications. 

What to Do After Sedation

Once the medication wears off, your child will be able to go home. They may feel sleepy or nauseous after coming off of anesthesia. It’s best to let them rest for the remainder of the day and wait to resume normal activities, such as school and sports, until the following day. Drinking water, using an ice pack, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers can help combat any potential discomfort and/or swelling.

Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry is Here for You

At Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, our experienced team is specialized in providing sedation dentistry. Dr. Roshan has received the advanced training to prescribe and deliver the level of sedation that will suit the individual needs of every child. Our office is equipped with the advanced delivery and monitoring equipment that makes the sedation dentistry safe and effective. Our team is trained to ensure preparing the patient for the sedation and help with easy and smooth recovery from sedation. To schedule your child’s next appointment using pediatric sedation dentistry, contact us today!

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